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Centre for Vision Research (York University, Toronto)

The Centre for Vision Research unites researchers from psychology, computer science & engineering, biology and kinesiology & health science. It is rooted in a fundamental research programme that merges techniques in human psychophysics, visual neuroscience and computational theory. Leading-edge facilities include a 3T fMRI scanner, a six-sided immersive virtual reality room, and a wide array of visuo-robotic platforms.

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The Neuroscience Diploma Program (York University, Toronto)

The Neuroscience Diploma Program at York bundles research across the whole range of neuroscience, from molecular and cellular mechanisms in nerve cells to the relationship between the elements of neural systems, and towards the study of behaviour of the whole organism.
A Neuroscience Speaker Series attracts important researchers from all over the world.  

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The Sherman Health Sciences Research Centre (York University, Toronto)

The Sherman Health Science Research Centre hosts a state of the art MR neuroimaging laboratory suite at York. Director of the facility is Prof. Keit Schneider. Among the individual Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratories at the Sherman Center are:

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The Laboratory for Active and Attentive Vision (Computer Science & Engineering at York University)

The Laboratory combines computational neuroscience approaches to investigate active and attentive vision from a broad range of perspectives spanning from cognitive neuroscience to applied visually guided robotics.









Bruce Morton- April 16th 2012

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